Hawaii SEO – Tips in Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Website (Part 4)

So, we have finally arrived at the last stretch of web domain name tips. If you haven’t read my extensive explanation on choosing the right name, kindly refer to Tips in Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Website (Part 1).

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8. No numbers or hyphens.

People assume that website names are just with alphabet characters with no spaces. That’s why adding numbers and hyphens into the mix will definitely cause confusion. As much as possible, don’t incorporate them into your domain name.

For instance, people may type theonelove.com instead of the actual name the1love.com. So, don’t add anything that will just bring confusion.

9. No double letters.

Aside from numbers and hyphens, don’t use a name that would include double letters. For instance, Ballland.com will be prone to misspellings because of ball and land, which are joined together. Choosing a domain name with double letters will be prone to traffic loss.

Avoid having consecutive letters in your domain name. Instead, make it easy to type and make the letters distinguishable.

10. Stay away from trends.

Next, avoid anything that will eventually fade like fads and trends. Choose a classic one that will still stay relevant even after many years. Moreover, avoid slang words that people may not know about because 1) they probably don’t know what it means and 2) they won’t know how to spell it.

11. Thinking of it as marrying your domain name.

You have to be certain about your domain name. It’s not something you can easily abandon once you don’t like it anymore. Once you let a name go, you will also lose the brand recognition, the trust, and the rankings tied to it.

Be careful just haphazardly renaming it or deciding to choose another name. It may hard for you to win the trust of your audience again. You have to win them over again, and it’s like starting from scratch.

Personally, I don’t recommend renaming your website once it has been around for quite some time already.

12. Use domain name generators.

If all else fails, you can always resort to using domain name generators. Of course, I want you to come up with a name on your own. However, if you are stuck, then generators can give you ideas. You can use the suggestions and turn it into some fresh.

Here are 2 tools you can use to generate domain names:

  • Wordoid. This tool is NOT just exclusive to domain name, but Wordroid will also help you think of company names and product names.
  • Lean Domain Search. All you need is to type a specific keyword and this tool will help you find available domains related to your chosen keyword.

Final Thoughts

  • Before choosing on a final domain name, please think it through. I recommend choosing a name related to your field or industry. This gives people an idea what your website is about.
  • Next, think of the long term plans of your business. For instance, if you name your website cookieswonderland, then you may want to expand your products other than cookies. You may want to expand to having muffins, cakes, and other pastries. So, think of this possibility also.
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