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Hawaii Website Design – Tips in Achieving a Minimalistic Web Design

Today, web design tends to focus more on good user experience. Therefore, designers need to create websites that are functional. If you want to have an attractive yet functional website, I suggest going for a minimalistic approach. As a result, it can simplify and improve the overall user experience. If you want to learn more […]

Hawaii Website Design – Principles of a Good Website (Part 2)

On Principles of a Good Website (Part 1), I discussed three principles when you want to have a good website. Like I said on my previous post, the usability and utility of a website determines its success. Website design does not automatically pertain to how it looks like, but rather on how it works. Also, […]

Hawaii Website Design – Principles of a Good Website (Part 1)

Today, I’m going to discuss about the main principles and approaches for an effective web design. When applied properly, these approaches can lead to more refined design decisions. Contrary to popular belief, the visual design of a website doesn’t contribute much to its overall success. The usability and utility of a website are the ones […]

Hawaii Website Design – How to Give Proper Credit When Using Creative Works

Previously on All You Need to Know About Creative Commons, I talked about different creative licenses under Creative Commons (CC). It is really important to check the license and usage details of a creative piece before you use it. Plus, it’s considered common courtesy to give credit to the original owner, that’s why you should know […]

Hawaii Website Design – All You Need to Know About Creative Commons

When you write blog posts, it is very essential to include images. Just make sure that the images are relevant to what your content is all about. However, you might not have the skills to take photographs yourself. So, the alternative to that is relying on the internet for relevant images (see: What Are Royalty-Free […]

Hawaii Website Design – 4 Things to Avoid When Blogging

Previously, I wrote a post about What A Successful Website Needs. Today, I will discuss the things you should avoid when blogging. Blogging is not just simply about posting content, you should also think about how your audience perceives your blog. When you are blogging, there are things that can potentially hinder your blog from being […]