Hawaii Website Design – 4 Things to Avoid When Blogging

Previously, I wrote a post about What A Successful Website Needs. Today, I will discuss the things you should avoid when blogging. Blogging is not just simply about posting content, you should also think about how your audience perceives your blog. When you are blogging, there are things that can potentially hinder your blog from being successful.

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When you want your blogging journey to have a favorable outcome, you must take the time to learn about the things you should avoid. If you are curious about the things you should avoid when blogging, read more below:

  1. Avoid having a messy blog.

Nobody wants to visit a messy blog. When it comes to blogging, less is more, so avoid filling your site with irrelevant design elements or images. Always make sure that the important details are clearly visible to you and your audience. Think about what should be the core of your blog and make it stand out.

For example, if you have new posts, it should be visible somewhere at the top of your site so that readers can easily see it. By doing so, you are making it easier for your audience to interact with your blog.

  1. Avoid having an incompatible site.

More than 5 billion people in the world have mobile devices. This is one of the reasons why it’s very important to have a website that is compatible even on mobile devices. You have to make sure that your blog visitors can also read and access your content on any devices.

Incompatibility can be avoided by using a design that is mobile responsive. When you decide to revamp your blog, make sure to use designs that are mobile responsive so that your blog will look perfect on different screen sizes.

  1. Avoid harsh colors and incomprehensible fonts.

This will depend entirely on your personal preferences but it is wise to refrain using color schemes that are harsh to the eyes. If you want to know more about color scheme, refer to Essential Tips in Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Website.

Aside from avoiding bold color schemes, you should also make sure that the fonts you use are readable. If you are unsure about what font you should go for, read Finding the Perfect Font for Your Website. You can also try to look at your site as if you were just a normal visitor. From there, decide on your own if you would be able to read all the content without any problems.

If you are looking for free fonts for your website, check out Free Fonts and Where to Get Them.

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  1. Avoid having weak navigation.

The moment a visitor arrives on your blog, he/she should know what your site is all about right away. When your blog has weak navigation, it is more likely that nobody will want to visit your site. Make sure to organize the navigation bars so that your audience can easily navigate through your blog. Also, don’t put too many buttons as this will create clutter. The simpler the navigation, the better.

In conclusion, when you avoid the things I listed above, you are more likely to be successful in blogging. If you are a blogger who’s currently in a writing slump, try to read Amazing Content Ideas for Your Blog and 3 Tips to Inspire You in Writing MORE Content.