Hawaii Website Design – What A Successful Website Needs

computer screen displaying website home page

When running a website for the first time, you might wonder what it takes for you to become successful. Today, I will share with you the things you will need for your website to succeed.

Running a website is not merely about posting content, you also have to know various elements that you can incorporate to your website.  To be able to establish a successful website, you have to know certain tools and functions. Moreover, these things include:


When your website loads, navigation is one of the first things your audience should see. Easy navigation is considered as one of the most essential parts of a blog. Having an easy to navigate website can contribute to your site’s success. Through easy navigation, you are helping your audience to navigate your website without hassle.

In creating an easy to navigate website, make sure your navigation is large and is placed on a prominent area of your site. For your fonts, it is wise to use fonts that is normally used in books or newspaper. If you don’t know anything about fonts, you can read more at Finding the Perfect Font for Your Website.


It is important to have an about me page on your site as it is an opportunity for you to introduce your website to first-time visitors. This will help your audience know you and your website better. Share what is the purpose of your website, why they should follow your website, and what else they can expect from you. In this page, you should include general information about you and your website.

To boost traffic in your site, you can also include a small selection of posts that features your most popular posts or unique posts. (See: Amazing Content Ideas for Your Blog)


To help your readers find what they’re looking for without hassle, you should have a search box or search widget placed on a prominent location in your blog. If you don’t have a search function in your site, you tend to lose visitors because they are not able to look for the content they want.


This is considered as a significant aspect of the blogging community. By allowing comments on your posts, you are able to interact and develop deeper connections with your readers. This will also encourage your visitors to linger on your website for a while. (See: How to Keep Your Audience Stay Longer on Your Website)

The comment section will also allow you to receive feedback from your readers. These feedbacks will help you in improving your future content.


In order to quickly grow your blog, having an email newsletter is essential. By doing so, your visitors are up to date with new content, special events, or promotions. This is an opportunity for your readers to interact with your content and visit your blog regularly. You can also send information that are exclusively for your dedicated readers.

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When enabling this function on your site, you can either choose between having a pop-up newsletter sign up window or use a widget or plugin. If you use a widget or plugin, make sure it is located in a prominent area so your readers can see it easily.

Now that you know all these elements, you can now incorporate it to your website. These things are truly essential in creating a successful website. Next time, I will talk about what is microcopy and why is it important.