Wailuku SEO

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Wailuku Search Engine Optimization

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Wailuku Website Design

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Some Interesting Wailuku Tidbits

Wailuku, Hawaii is located in Maui County on the island of Maui. The population of Wailuku was 15,313 people according to the census that was taken in 2010. This represents a 24.5% increase in the population of Wailuku since the year 2000. Wailuku is where the King Kamehameha won a decisive victory at lao valley in 1790. This is where the great sugar industry was born and the location of the 19the century Mission Station. Wailuku was a great influence on Hawaii, the island of Maui, and the community.

In earliest Hawaii, this region was a center of population and power. This was changed forever by the missionaries from New England brought their new agricultural techniques, western implements and skills, and religious beliefs to the region during the middle 1800’s. Sugar plantations such as the Wailuku Sugar Company got busy milling and growing sugarcane in the 1860’s. Water was brought from deep within the large field in central Maui after many miles of irrigation ditches were dug. As a result of this the sugar industry thrived.

From all over the world, numerous unskilled and skilled workers immigrated to Maui to work in the factories and fields. They arrived from America, Europe, the Philippines, Korea, Okinawa, Japan, and China and brought their religious, culture, and ethnic diversity with them to the island. Many people settled in Wailuku, where community buildings, banks, shops, temples, churches, schools, and houses were constructed to meet the requirements of the thriving company community.

Wailuku was designated as the county seat of Maui in 1905. It wasn’t long there after that it also became the center entertainment, business, and government. During this time Wailuku featured several offices and markets, a soda and ice works, a poi factory, many hotels, a bowling alley, and movie and vaudeville theaters. Up until the late 1960’s this expansion of the region continued. Then the sugar industry lost its economic prosperity and the development and operations were reduced while the development of alternative commercial centers attracted businesses away from the downtown streets of Wailuku.

Here are many historical buildings and homes in Wailuku. They provide a glimpse into the times of sugar plantations with enduring values and simple pleasures. Next to High Street the handsome homes and 100 year old Monkeypod trees reflect the prosperity of the community during the 1920’s. There are many public and private buildings that have historical and architectural significance. The essence of old Wailuku is preserved in the narrow lanes with modest bungalows are located with colorful gardens beyond this stylish neighborhood.

What is left of the missionary period is located on upper Main Street. There is a very small graveyard that is now home of the missionary families as well as Hawaiian royalty known as Ali’i. Located further up the hill are the Bailey House and the Alexander House. The Bailey House is currently an excellent museum that is the office of the Maui Historical Society and has missionary period rooms and ancient artifacts from Hawaii on display. In the business district there are art deco facades and false fronts with canopies are shading the sidewalks that invite tourists to stroll while exploring the charms of the old Wailuku community.