Lahaina SEO

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Lahaina Search Engine Optimization

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Lahaina Website Design

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Some Interesting Lahaina Tidbits

Lahaina, Hawaii is located on the island of Maui in Maui County. According to the census that was taken in 2010, the population of Lahaina was 11,704 people. This population represents a 28.40% increase in the population of Lahaina since the year 2000.

The community of Lahaina has a varied and long history, which has become part of the current community. Although some people believe that it was earlier, it is generally accepted that about 45 AD the earliest settlers arrived on the shores of what is currently known as Lahaina. However, it was the foresight of King Kamehameha as well as the prosperity during the 1800’s that caused the community Lahaina to become recognized.

King Kamehameha announced that the West Maui community of Lahaina was to be the capital of his Kingdom on the Hawaiian island in 1802. On the shores of Lahaina the king built a brick palace, of which the ruins still remain, in addition to other royal residences and buildings at a location known as Mokuula. Until the capital was relocated to Honolulu, for more than 50 years, Lahaina was the seat of government.

As a result of its location on the routes of whale migration and calm harbor, Lahaina was a fishing community and major whaling port during the 1800s. The community has also been called Lele, which translates into Land of Relentless Sun. In addition to sailors, the weather was a primary attraction for immigrants as well. Both missionaries and bawdy sailors were attracted to the region. This resulted in a battle of virtues since the sailors didn’t have many virtues and the missionaries had numerous virtues. With the building of a prison for the sailors, a printing press on the island, the introduction the missionaries and the building of missionary schools, eventually, the missionaries won this battle and by 1853, they had tamed the majority of displeasing behavior on the island.

A man named William Owen Smith, who was the Sheriff of the Old Lahaina community, first planted the now famous Banyan tree next to the courthouse in 1873. The original purpose of the Banyan tree was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Christian Mission in Lahaina. However, it also served as the location to celebrate the birthday for King Kamehameha III in 1886, and was also the location for the celebration that marked Hawaii becoming a territory of the US in 1898.

The community Lahaina has moved on was what are currently art galleries and unique shops were once the wooden buildings next to Front Street that served as grog houses and outfitters for sailors. The port currently is the location where tourists take excursions on boats was once where whaling ships docked. However, the past is never far away from the current day Lahaina.