Hawaii SEO – Why Creating an Email List is Important for a Website

You might ask what has creating an email list got to do with website rankings? Well, email marketing and SEO are closely related more than you think.

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If you are still having doubts on whether you should build one right away, I am telling you that you should get to it now! Unfortunately, website owners think having a website is enough. No, it is not. There are other things to add in order to attract more visitors into the website.

Hence, you should know by now the importance of having an email list. Typically, when one starts with a website, people would immediately think of the design. When you are still starting out in the online world, you should work on your email list.

That’s why I am writing this, and it is to remind you that an email list can definitely have a great impact on your website’s traffic and income. So, let’s get into the basics first and define certain terms.

Email List

  • An email list is a record of people’s names and email addresses. Upon sharing their contact details, these people have agreed to receive deals, updates, and any other newsletter pertaining to your website.
  • Using this email list, you can now blast messages to everyone listed. Your email can be about the latest promotions, new blog posts, online store updates, and the other services you provide.

Why Is It Important Anyway?

Basing from the data provided by Direct Marketing Association, e-mail marketing produces roughly 4,300% return in terms of business profits. This research was conducted on various brands across the country.

Email subscribers willingly joined your email list. It follows that they are interested on what your website has to offer. They gave their email so they can have first dibs on whatever is on your website. Since the interest is already there, they are just one nudge away from becoming actual customers.

So, you can immediately say that email list gets better conversions than social media posts. Below, I will list more reason on why email is an astonishingly useful tool in communicating with your potential customers:

1. A Personal Connection

By emailing, you get a direct access to the person’s inbox. There is no limit on the scope of your influence. It is up to you on how you are going to utilize this unequivocal access.

2. The Obvious Intention

As I said, people deliberately gave their emails. A user filled out a form to be added on your email list so you can really say that this person is interested in hearing from you. Thus, people on your email list will be more receptive to what you say.

3. Aim Specific Interests

As I said earlier, the interest of the user is already obvious. Now, you can target their specific interests straight to their email. Since you know what they will most likely click, you can send related products and services their way.

4. You Have Control Over the Email List

When post on Facebook or any social media website, you don’t own this platform. You will adhere to their standards.  However, on your email list, the whole stage is yours. It is totally up to on how you will go about it. Moreover, your email campaigns are not influenced by anyone but yourself.


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