Hawaii SEO – Website Investments You Should Spend On (Part 1)

Having a website is all about credibility. More than anything else, you should establish your credibility. In fact, Google considers three things: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. You can even check Google’s  search quality rater guidelines.

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So, how do you make people  trust your website? You should show that you know what you are doing and you are expert in the field. To look more credible, there are things that you should invest on. Once you apply these things, it will definitely add to the credibility of your website.


  • A domain name is the name of your website.  Personalizing your website address will establish your unique brand identity. Hence, your website will look professional and will be easier to find.
  • Having a domain should be one of your earliest investments. However, you should not rush getting a name for your site. Do not proceed with this step if you haven’t applied the tips, which I posted on Things to Establish Before Building a Website.
  • You see, if you sign up for a free domain, your website will usually have a mandatory worpdress.com or blogspot.com extension. Getting rid of this name extension will simplify things and it will strengthen your credibility. That is why a domain name is essential for the success of your website. More tips on Tips in Choosing the Right Domain Name


  • There are a number of places where you can purchase a domain name such as GoDaddy, Domain, Bluehost, and many more. These sites will ask you whether you prefer a .com, .co, .us, .net name extension. However, the .com still tops the list of the credible website name extensions.
  • Try your best to secure a .dot com domain name as it will help establish your credibility. If it’s not available, go for .net extension or .co extension. Avoid using less common name extensions as it will do more harm than good to your new website.


Generally, domain names won’t really cost you a fortune. However, do know that .com domains are more expensive than the other extensions. Prices can even cost you hundreds of dollars if you want a short .com domain name.

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As a way to end this post, I would like to remind everyone to choose a simple domain name as much possible. Avoid words that can easily be misspelled by many. Make it easier for people to remember your domain name.

Do not make it too long and complicated for people to memorize. Instead, use your company name to ensure that the domain name unique and distinct from other brands. Your domain name is the best representation of your website so choose wisely.

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