Hawaii SEO – Understanding the Basics of Web Hosting

In my post on Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site , I talked about the tips in order to ensure a fast website speed. I would like to elaborate on the first tip, which is having a great host. Today, I will discuss everything about web hosting. So, are you ready? Let’s get into it right away!

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What is Web Hosting?

  • Web hosting is an online service that enables people to make a website or a web page on the Internet. Many businesses offer this kind of service, and as a user, you need a provider that will be able to show your website or web page at any time and anywhere.
  • The key is to choose a reliable service produce to ensure that your target audience can view your space on the Internet. Website files are stored on computers called servers.
  • Once a user wants to view your website, they have to type your web address on their browser. Their computer will connect to the server that has your website, and then, files needed to display the website will be transmitted to users through their preferred browser.
  • Most hosting providers will ask you to acquire your own domain name first before they host your website. If you don’t have a domain name for your website, the host provider will usually assist you in getting one.

Once that is all set, there are number of features you can expect from your  web host. Here are the things you will most probably get:

  • Business Email Accounts. 

    • Earlier, I told you about needing a domain name. When you have a domain name, it is now easy to create email accounts for your business. For instance, the domain name is https://www.stevemapua.com. Then, you can now personalize the email address like having info@stevemapua.com for example. All business transactions can be address to email(s) you created. Looks professional over the generic email handles provided by third-party email service providers.
  • FTP Access.

    • Through FTP, you can now upload files to your website server from your own local computer. This is the scenario when you build your own site; it’s easy to transfer, add, and modify files on the server through the FTP feature.
  • WordPress Support.

    • WordPress is the leading website builder. Through this tool, you can conveniently create your own website. Generally, host providers will indicate if they are WordPress-compatible or not. Browse and research if the host providers this capability.

Aside from starting from scratch, you can create and host your website through services that provide a drag and drop site builder. Even website building is now made easy! For advanced users, you can code your own website through WordPress of course!

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