Hawaii SEO – Tips in Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Website (Part 1)

When you think that you can just pick any domain name, you’re wrong. Picking the right domain name is that important. In Website Investments You Should Spend On (Part 1), I discussed on investing on your own domain name.

If you think that people will flock to your site no matter what name you choose, it’s time to stop and think.  You see, the chosen domain name is a vital part of your website. It can make or break your website. So, it is extremely important to think about your prospects before purchasing a  domain name. Then, why is it important?

  1. The domain name will serve as your first impression. Your chose name is the first thing web visitors will see. When you picked a great name, it leave a lasting impression on the searches. Meanwhile, a bad domain name is something that is totally forgettable.
  2. It influences SEO. Remember, keywords are still an essential part of SEO. So, if you add relevant keywords to your domain name, this can surely give a positive impact on your website.
  3. It strengthens your brand. Lastly, the domain name will help you build your branding. If you select the right domain name for your website, it will lead to a better brand recognition.

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These are some of the reasons why choosing the right domain name is very important for every website. So, the question now is… How do you choose a domain name? Well, I will be sharing some tips below in picking the right for your website.

1. Strive to be different.

Your domain name is the unique identifier of your brand. Ideally, it should stand out from the rest. First, check if your business name is unclaimed. Using yourbusinessname.com is the best way to go!

Do a search on different sites such as GoDaddyDomainBluehost to check whether your business name is taken or not. If it is, try a different variation of the name. For instance, you can add a dash (-) in between words. Do not settle for the misspelled version of your business name. This spells disaster!

2. List all your options down.

Another option if the possible names are taken is to list down keywords that describe your website. Write them all down, and try to experiment on the words. Mix and match them until you find the best possible candidate. Choose the domain name that is easy to remember and easy to spell.

In advertising, you don’t immediately find the perfect name. To name a product, marketing experts usually think of the top 10 possible names. Don’t just stop at the top 3 suggestions; extend your list into having 10 prospects or so. Then, choose the most appropriate one from your list.

After, don’t just rely on your favorite choice. Ask your family and friends what domain name they like best. Perhaps, they can even suggest better names for your website. At this point, you should hear out feedback and suggestions from other people.


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