Hawaii SEO – Things to Establish Before Building a Website (Part 1)

Before you spend money on web design, there things that you have to identify first. To get started on your website, it’s safe to not spend actual money yet. I am here to guide you on the important things you have to know before making crucial decisions.

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Make sure you follow these 3 tips first. Otherwise, no matter how beautiful your website turns out to be, it won’t be as effective and as productive as you imagined it to be.

  1. What are your goals?

  • A‍sk yourself of the things you want to accomplish. There should be a clear goal in mind.
    • What do you want your website to accomplish? Knowing the purpose of the website will serve as the compass of your business.
    • What message do you want say to your web visitors?
    • What essential information would your web visitors need? Are there specific information do you to include in order for them to learn about your business?
  • Instead of focusing on the aesthetics of your website, look into your core. Go back to the humble beginnings of your business. Look back on how you started and envision on how you want to grow in the future.
  1. What platform do you want to use?

  • Do you have a platform in mind? Explore your options. Consider the many platforms out there, and the room for improvement. Of course, you would want to avoid anything that will lock you in. Having a custom web design should not be difficult for anyone.
  • Make sure that you have the creative freedom to do what you want and do what is necessary to make the best website. Once you have learned a specific website platform, you may be reluctant to switch to better alternatives. So, be sure the platform you will choose will something allows you to customize things. Finally, it is also great to know the  limitations of the website platforms you plan to use.
  1. What are the key points of your website?

  • Your website should highlight the significant points. What do you offer? Are you planning to sell products online?
  • Focus on the little details that will make your website stand out. The website should show a genuine emotion. What feel or vibe do you want to show to your audience? Is a cozy or relaxed atmosphere? Perhaps, do you want to provide a more professional vibe?
  • In designing a website, you have to identify the most crucial aspect of your business. Whatever style you want to focus, remember it when designing every element of your website. From the images to the blog post, everything should be consistent.

Remember, a website is different from an actual physical store. Your online store may serve a different purpose than an offline one. You may have already established a brand identity with local customers, but how about online identity? Have you thought of the color palette, the logo design, the typography, and the web pages to include?

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Before you go on designing each page, take notes of the these tips. Lastly, decide on whether you only want to start a blog for news updates or you want to feature dynamic content such as your products and services on the website. Take a moment to think about it because only YOU can answer these questions.