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Hawaii Website Design – MORE Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Previously, I discussed about 4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website. Today, I will share more reasons as to why you need a website for your business. Like I said in my previous post, having a website is convenient for your customers to check out your business. This can also help your business to generate […]

Hawaii SEO – Understanding How Search Algorithms Work (Part 2)

Previously, I talked about how search engines rank the search results. The order of the search results are dependent on the algorithm or rules. Today, let’s discuss on how search engines look for matching web pages. Finding matching pages After analyzing the user’s query, the next step is to look into the search engine’s index […]

Hawaii SEO – Understanding How Search Algorithms Work (Part 1)

Now that I am done with Understanding How Search Engines Work, let’s discuss the last important step, which is ranking. Previously, I have talked about crawling and indexing. For the final step, the search engines must decide on what order to display the results. The Third Step: Ranking Each search engine has its own algorithm to […]

Hawaii SEO – Understanding How Search Engines Work (Part 2)

Whatever role you play on this digital world, having a clear understanding of how search engine works, can help you make better websites. Moreover, it’s going to be a website that search engines can clearly understand. For this to happen, you should start with knowing how search engines work. Tips in ensuring that web crawlers […]

Hawaii SEO – Understanding How Search Engines Work (Part 1)

For you to understand Search Engine Optimization better, you should also understand how search engines work. Whether you are a website developer, website designer, or just someone who enjoys blogging as a hobby, you better take time to read this post. Knowing What Search Engines Do Surely, you’ve used Google in search for information, in […]

Hawaii SEO – When to Use the Nofollow Tag on Links?

In the previous blog post What Is the Nofollow Attribute?, I discussed what the fuzz is about. Moreover, I also talked about the nofollow’s purpose and importance. Now, I will elaborate more on when to use the nofollow attribute. Strictly apply the nofollow tag on these situations: Forums and Comments Section Be aware of any […]

Hawaii SEO – What Is the Nofollow Attribute?

Since we are on the topic of internal links, let’s discuss what the nofollow tag is. What is its importance?When do you use the nofollow attribute on links? All that and more will be discussed on this blog post. In 2005, the nofollow attribute was introduced, but it appears that people are still unsure about […]

Hawaii SEO – Best Practices for Both External Links and Internal Links

In my previous 2 post, I have focused my efforts on internal links. If you haven’t read it, catch up on Why Are Internal links Important? and How Are Internal links and SEO Connected? Today, I will concentrate on external links. Moreover, I will discuss the best practices to use for external links and internal links. […]

Hawaii SEO – How Are Internal links and SEO Connected?

Before you proceed to the connection between internal links and SEO, I suggest you read through Why Are Internal links Important? Let me remind you that Google and Bing have their own guidelines regarding internal links. To be sure, you should refer to the Google Webmaster Guidelines and Bing Webmaster Guidelines. Meanwhile, here are basic […]