Hawaii SEO – Things to Do Before You Publish a Blog Post (Part 1)

Blogging is essential for your website. In fact, I have already discussed this on Why Is Having a Blog Important for Your Website? You would not want your blog posts to be unnoticed. It would be a waste of your time and effort if no one ever bothers to read your blog post.

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In this article, I will help you create blog posts that will be noticed and read by a lot of people. These are the tips to follow in order for your blog post to be exposed to as many readers as possible.

What to do before you hit the publish button?


What does the readers see first? It’s your blog post title. Thus, you have to make sure your title grabs their attention. Through your title, you are selling content to the people on the internet.

It can make or break your post. That’s why it is important to think about an effective title. Ideally, the title should pique the interest of the readers; it should be intriguing and interesting for them to click.

Blog post titles should be short but concise. Get to the point and summarize your article in one short phrase. Strive to be descriptive in your titles. If you need help in writing the catchy blog post titles, check the list of title tips here.


After readers see the title, they decide to click it. Upon reading the post, they will scan if there is, indeed, something interesting to read in this blog post. Readers don’t usually start analyzing from top to bottom. Instead, they will scan the blog posts for interesting points or they will go directly to the information they need.

So, having said this, it is best to divide your post into different sections. No one wants to read a post with just one huge chunk of texts. Write in a way that people can easily digest and read your paragraphs. Additional tips are shared on  Important Tips to Make Your Blogs Easier to Read.

You can use the different heading tags (H1 to H6), list you points using bullets and numbers, add quotes and images. Adding these things will bring order and clarity to your post.  Moreover, add your focus keyword into the headings, and it will make your blog post SEO-friendly.


Adding a call to action encourages your readers to act. By the end of your post, you should add something to motivate them to do something. It does not have to be grandiose. In fact, it can be as simple as encouraging them to leave a comment or share their personal opinion on the topic.

Perhaps, you can also redirect them to another blog post. Entice them to read a related article on the topic. Another option is promote your email list, and encourage them to sign up. Inform them about a freebie, and it might just help you gain a new subscriber.

When readers act on your blog post, they will definitely remember your website. For sure, they will be back for more blog posts so always encourage them to share their personal thoughts and ideas.

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