Hawaii SEO – Tips in Growing Your Email List (Part 1)

In my previous articles, I talked about The Importance of an Email List and How to Create an Email List for Your Website? Today, I will talk about the tips on how to develop a bigger mailing list.

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For this post, I will include several tips to ensure success and growth to your list of email subscribers. Are you ready to start? Let’s get it on.

Tip #1: Offer an incentive your audience can’t resist.

You got to lure people in your website… and how to do that? Through an incentive! So, if you want to quickly build your email list, you got to offer something that your subscribers want.

Think of it this way… what’s in it for them? You have to convince them that it is advantageous to subscribe. Give your audience a good reason to hand their email address to you because they won’t automatically give it to anyone.

The incentives can range from newsletters about the latest deals to free items. Generally, most websites offer incentives such as a free eBook, a tutorial video, a printable materials, a free download of a helpful resource, and even free shipping on their first order on your website.

Through offering something for free, they will be tempted to use your products and services. Surely, it one of the fastest ways to increase the number of email subscribers. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Of course, you can’t offer something generic. It has to be irresistible!

Your email subscribers should have the potential to be frequent visitors of your website and to be regular customers. They should be people who are interested on what you have to offer. Thinking of the best incentive to lure them in is the key to a successful email list.

Take time in developing a freebie that is related to your website. If it is something unrelated, you are going to attract another set of audience. They will definitely “unsubscribe” the moment they learn about the nature of your business. So, it has to be related to your business, and at the same time, it should be useful to your target audience.

How would you know the ideal incentive for your website?

Simple; you have to ask your audience. Post about it on your website, and do a poll to know what they like the most.

Aside from creating a post on your website, you can also post the same thing on social media. Reach out to your audience in every form you can. You would be surprised on how people would respond to it. Their feedback at this point is very valuable. If they want more videos, then you give them videos. If they want more downloadable content, offer free wallpapers, lockscreen images, and other printables.

The technique here is to ask so you can utilize your resources and skills well in create the perfect incentive for your audience. The incentive should reflect the quality, relevancy, and usability of your business.

Make it tempting, useful, and practical!

Tip #2: Add a way for your email subscribers to get the incentive right away.

Once you have formulated an incentive, you have to make sure they receive it immediately. In another post, I have explored the different options on the Email Marketing Services to Use on Your Website (Part 1)


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