Hawaii Website Design – 6 Tips to Create Better Website Graphics

For a website to stand out, you must have beautiful and eye-catching graphics. This will help you attract more audience. Investing time and effort on website graphics will boost traffic on your website. This will also make it easier for people to share your content with others through social media.

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You have to keep in mind the three main principles of designs – colors, images, and text – to make your website graphics look more professional. Here are some tips on how to create better website graphics:


By using high quality images, you are improving your website graphics. When we say high quality, it means images are crisp and clear and it has good composition. If you want to know how you can get quality images, read How to Have High-Quality Photos for Your Website.


When you use your website’s color scheme as a guide, you will be able to create good harmony. In order for your blog graphics to not clash with your blog, use your site’s color scheme to ensure that your graphics coordinate well with identity of your website. (See: Essential Tips in Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Website)


You can get inspiration for text, icons, patterns, or shapes based on your website’s designs. For example, you have an illustration of a kiwi on the header of your website, you can use colors like green and black for the fonts to complement the image. In your posts, you can also use a dominant color from your website header to easily create connection to your website.


It is essential to use eye-catching text to entice readers. Your text should be impactful and focused. Think of it as a billboard for your content so make sure you use words that would beguile your audience to read more. The text you are using in your blog graphics should complement the flow of your overall content. You can also incorporate quotes or mottos that relate to your content.

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The fonts you use should fit your the overall image of your website and content. One of the best ways to do this is by using the same fonts used in your website design for your web graphics.

Try not to use fonts that are difficult to read. No matter how pretty a font is, if it’s difficult to read, you shouldn’t use it. If you use serif or sans-serif fonts on your website, you can incorporate one script font to add variety.

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When you mix various typeface, you will be able to create compelling images. Mixing typefaces can also make your images appear more lively. For example, if  you have a long text in your graphic, you can use different typefaces to break the monotony. To know more about typefaces, refer to Everything You Need To Know About Typography.

Now that you know the tips on how to create better web graphics, you can now improve your overall website design. If you want to know more about what a website needs, read What A Successful Website Needs.