Hawaii Website Design – Tips on Improving User Experience and Increasing Conversions

Last time, I talked to you about How You Can Use Microcopy on Your Website. Today, I will discuss about improving user experience and increasing conversions. I will tell you what it’s all about, why it’s important, and share some tips as well. If you want your website or brand to be successful and stay relevant, you must invest in great user experience.

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What is User Experience?

User Experience, often dubbed as UX, refers to the overall experience of a user resulting from the use of a product, system, or service. The user experience helps determine whether your website has seen an increase in conversion rates or in bounce rate.

Why is User Experience Important?

If you are running a business-oriented website, a great user experience will help you establish your brand. It can also attract more customers for your website. Another thing that UX can do for your website is to influence your customer whether they should buy your product or not. Investing in great user experience will help you in increasing conversions and creating a strong customer base.

How to Improve User Experience and Increase Conversions

Now that you know what user experience is and its importance, I will now share some tips with you. Hopefully, these tips will help you in improving user experience and conversions.

• Inform your users

You might be wondering, “how exactly will this help me in improving user experience and conversion?”

Users need to know everything about a certain product from its benefit, purpose, and value. When you inform them with the correct information, you are reducing the user’s doubts and establishing trust. Once they know what’s in it for them, you are empowering your users. This will eventually lead to increased conversions.

• Remote user testing

• Great user onboarding

• Fix 404 pages