Hawaii SEO – How Email Marketing Can Help Enhance Your Online Ranking

Once you sign up for any service on the Internet, an email is required. So, it is safe to say that almost everyone who has a mobile device also has an email. For instance, you can’t use an Android phone without a working gmail account. The same goes for an iPhone; you need an Apple ID to use their services. Undoubtedly, at least one email is needed in living a digital life.

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If you own a website, email is one sure way to increase website visits, promote brand awareness, and generate more followers. If haven’t already, then, it’s time to get to it! Below, I will discuss how email marketing can help improve your online ranking. Are you ready?

1. Promotes Social Media Sharing

Search engine bots do not necessarily scan emails. However, the actions that are the result of engaging with emails do. In fact, one study discovered a link between the highly-ranked sites and social media.

So, you can use email to encourage subscribers to post about it, to share it, and so on. When send out emails regarding a new post, this will encourage social interactions. The same thing goes when you post on social media, your published posts should encourage likes and comments.

It is recommended to include social share buttons in all your outgoing email. This way, subscribers can easily tweet about it or share it on Facebook. Moreover, tell your email subscribers to share your links and other related social content.

2. Reduces Bounce Rates

It’s already hard enough to convince visitors to check your website. Then, getting them to stay a little longer is even harder. You see, when web visitors leave immediately, the bounce rate of your website escalates.

Google give importance to bounce rates. If the bounce rates are high, then, it means that a website is irrelevant to the searchers. Hence, one way of keeping it low is through email campaigns. Lure them in by sharing your latest deals. For example, inform them about a flash sale. For sure, they will check out what items are discounted!

3. Serves as an Archive

Once you have numerous email newsletters published, this also means that you have various content saved up. For it not to go to waste, you can build your own archive of email newsletters. Make it available for download on your website or post it on the blog section. This way, people will have a reason to constantly check your website.

4. Request to Leave a Review

Before going online shopping, most people read reviews first. In fact, they trust reviews over recommendations from people that they know. What you can do is you can send follow-up emails to recent customers. Then, ask them to leave a review on other sites where you have an account.

5. Groups Your Subscribers into Categories

When you have an email list, you can then easily categorize them into groups. You can group them according to several factors such as:

  • Age and gender,
  • Current location,
  • Interests and hobbies,
  • Items purchased or viewed,

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