Hawaii SEO – Why SEO Keywords Are Important

For some people, they might think “keywords are dead”, but it is actually not. The thing that is dead is the old way of tracking them. So, in short, keywords are very much alive. It is still an essential element in SEO. If you want to know what exactly SEO keywords are, refer to What Are SEO Keywords?

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You might be wondering, “why are SEO keywords important?“. Keywords matter for several reasons, but two of the biggest reasons are: they act like “bullseye” towards which marketers can direct their content and they serve as clues to who people are and what they need. By incorporating these keywords, you are allowing yourself to do better in meeting your audience’s needs. Moreover, here are more reasons why SEO keywords are important:

It’s A Powerful Market Research Tool

Since it is considered as a powerful market research tool, it can be leveraged in various ways, not just solely informing website content. To be able to get the most out of these keywords, you must look beyond the obvious. Try to know the literal translation and pick up on tacit clues to obtain the true intent of every keyword.

Keywords Act Like Bullseyes

Through keywords, you have focus. Use this focus to appeal to everyone so that you won’t be empty-handed. When you check out Google Search Console‘s search query data, you will see that it’s never just about one certain keyword. However, it’s important to have a primary keyword for each page to give you the right direction and perspective. This will also help you attract the right audience.

Increases Website Visibility

One of the reasons why SEO keywords are important is because it increases the visibility of a website or web-page. For example, when an Internet user searches for an information, the search engine will match the keywords in the search with those used in the content of the website.  This will then reflect the redirect link of a website in the list of search results. In other words, these keywords or keyphrases help in raising the visibility of a website on the Internet.

Increased Traffic

When there is increased visibility, there’s a possibility that your website has increased traffic as well. As a search engine produces results on the basis of keywords itself, the keywords you used play an essential role in redirecting the Internet masses or traffic towards your website. If your website’s content has the correct keywords in it then the redirect link to your website would reflect on the search engine results. When users click on the redirect link, this will then redirect the traffic towards your website.

Keywords Affect Your Website’s Ranking

Even if you have high-quality content, you will not rank high in search engine results if you don’t use appropriate and relevant keywords on your published content. This is why you have to make sure that you add keywords in the right places.

To sum it all up, using the correct and relevant keywords will benefit you in more ways than one. Aside from associating your content with your marketing strategy, you can also form deeper and more significant connections with your customers. I also wrote Where to Put SEO Keywords if you are unsure where to insert keywords. On the other hand, if you are still confused about SEO, read All About SEO.