Hawaii SEO – Boosting Rankings Using On-Page SEO Techniques (Part 5)

This will be the final post on Boosting Rankings Using On-Page SEO Techniques. For this post, I will focus on the importance of internal links, external links, and website comments.

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Insert internal links on the pages of your website

In SEO, it is essential to link the pages within your website because:

Build a WEBsite

  • Take note of the word website; naturally, you would want your pages to be connected. Once the search engine crawlers scan your website, they will discover the pages found within your website. If pages are not linked together, the crawlers will keep discovering pages, and they will only stop the moment they don’t see any internal and external link.

Discover other pages within your website

  • As I mentioned above, the search engine crawlers will keep scanning the page. Whatever link — whether internal or external — is found on a page, they will read those links too. You can use this to your advantage, and do this to tell search engines about the new pages of your website.
  • So, make sure you make their time worthwhile. They will scan and go if they don’t see any more links posted.

More time spent on your site

  • If your pages are linked together, a user can spend more your time browsing your website. Once a user reads about a certain topic, he can learn more about the related topics through the internal links you inserted. Hence, this strategy will increase the time on your website, the number of pages visted, and more importantly, this will decrease the bounce rate.

Here are some tips for internal linking:

  • Insert an internal link between to related pages.
  • Add internal within the body of the page, and not on the sidebar or footer sections. If you want to know more about internal links, please refer to .

Don’t forget the external links

With updates like Panda and Penguin, people have been apprehensive in linking other websites. Most people think that Google will rank them down. However, the truth is that your website’s trustworthiness will increase if you add external links in order to provide additional information of the content you are discussing. In short, external links are good for SEO.

Respond to comments and On-Page SEO

Many people think that social media comments are unrelated to SEO. Yes, social media presence do not directly influence your rankings. However, it is still important in promoting your website. If more people see your website link, more people would click and read your content.

According to Gary Illyes of Google, social media is positive indication that people find your content useful because they interact with the website. Google sees this a good sign!

Here are some basic guidelines regarding the comments posted on your website:

  • Moderate comments before publishing them because they could just be spam.
  • Don’t approve everything, and only accept those comments that are relevant to the page.
  • Take time to reply to these comments that add value to page. By doing this, you will encourage other people to leave a comment as well.
  • Don’t hesitate to remove unnecessary comments.