Hawaii SEO – When to Use the Nofollow Tag on Links?

In the previous blog post What Is the Nofollow Attribute?, I discussed what the fuzz is about. Moreover, I also talked about the nofollow’s purpose and importance. Now, I will elaborate more on when to use the nofollow attribute.

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Strictly apply the nofollow tag on these situations:

  • Forums and Comments Section

    • Be aware of any links posted by a user because any user-generated link can be a source of spam. So, to be safe, choose to nofollow. If you filter out the comments and forum posts, there will be links that slip your strict moderation.
    • Even if you nofollow, you would be surprised on how spam links still appear. How much more if you allow or follow such links, right?
  • Sponsored Links

    • If links are part of a deal, it should automatically be nofollowed. This sends a signal that whatever appears on the link, whether content and/or images, it is beyond your control. Thus, a nofollow is necessary in this case.
  • Ads & Paid Links

    • Speaking of sponsorships, the same rule applies to advertisements. If someone paid you to be featured on your site, choose to nofollow these external links. Additionally, nofollow the ad links on your website.

You choose to follow links during these situations:

  • Guest Post Authors

    • Remember, this is only applicable if the author or the writer is someone you personally know. Furthermore, it can be someone who writes for your website often and someone who you trust.
    • With this being said, one single link is fine, and the chosen anchor text of the link should be their name or domain name. Often times, guest post authors will would appreciate it if you link back to their company website.
  • Industry Experts, Famous People, and Other Celebrities

    • If you are featuring someone famous or celebrity, then, it is okay to provide a link to their personal website.  This works well if you decide to include an industry expert.
    • Like in the previous scenario, one link will do. Just use their name as the anchor text. Also, by providing a link, it’s only right to do this since they devoted their time and effort to be interviewed on your website.
    • However, just a small reminder for you to nofollow if you interview someone who you don’t know that well. In some other case where you interview a lot of people, then, choose to nofollow every single time.
  • Editorial Content

    • Link editorial content only if you are
      • writing an honest review of a product or service, unbiased or unpaid content,
      • noting a link as your article reference or source,
      • lastly, if you have a good working relationship with that website.
    • In these scenarios, the website deserves the follow link you have given them.
    • However, there’s always an exemption to the rule. If you received something in exchange for the review, then this falls under sponsored links already.


As a way to end this post, let me remind you that this list is not everything. There are still other situations where you can nofollow (or follow) links. It all depends on the situation. The best gauge is to ask yourself if the link seems natural or not. Learn more about: Amazing Content Ideas for Your BlogEssential Writing Tips For Blogging, and Important Tips to Make Your Blogs Easier to Read.